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Big Finish to produce new Torchwood stories

Doctor Who audio drama producers Big Finish have announced today that they are to produce new stories based on the spin-off series, Torchwood. Check out the details below.

Big Finish proudly presents John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood - an all new series of audio dramas based on the fantastic Doctor Who spin-off series.

Torchwood, the intrepid team of alien investigators, returns in a series of six audio productions, as part of a licensing deal with BBC Worldwide. Once again, the Torchwood team will be led by the irrepressible Captain Jack, as played by John Barrowman.

The new series of audio dramas will each focus on different members of the Torchwood team, exploring the impact that a mysterious event has on them. Starting off the range will be John Barrowman, who stars in The Conspiracy, a deadly thriller by David Llewellyn, which is released September 2015. Torchwood creator Russell T Davies says:
“Torchwood has been to the Moon, and America, and the Himalayas, but now I think it's finally coming home, to the brilliance of Big Finish."
Additional cast members for the series will be revealed later. Torchwood: The Conspiracy will be released in September 2015, with the remaining five instalments following monthly from January 2016.

Last week, the BBC announced that BBC Radio Four Extra would be airing Fourth Doctor adventures starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, check out the details HERE.

You can check out our reviews of various Big Finish titles HERE and visit their website HERE.

Jenna Coleman talks Doctor Who contract

Jenna Coleman in The Observer Magazine

Actress Jenna Coleman has been speaking to The Observer Magazine about leaving the Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi and Series 9. Check out what she had to say below:
“My contract came up last year and I decided that because I’d only done one series with Peter [Capaldi], I wanted a bit more time to explore that relationship.

Also, he’s the Gandalf of Doctor Who!

He seems to have that mythical thing about him, and we’re great buddies behind the scenes.

You pick up a script and get a sniff of where things are going, but any speculation Peter and I have, the story never goes in that direction.”
Jenna Coleman will be seen starring alongside Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Series 9, which starts airing in various countries around the world in Autumn, debuting with The Magician's Apprentice. As exclusively revealed HERE by Blogtor last week, the new series will have 12 episodes.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Comic Book Day!

Tomorrow, May 2, is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) across the world, and there's a special Doctor Who comic to celebrate (pictured left) - and a competition for you and your local comic store!

All you need to do to be in with the chance of winning a bag full of​ ​Doctor Who comics - including rare collectible covers, signed items and​ ​merchandise, including SDCC and NYCC items - is send us a picture of​ ​yourself holding up a copy of the FCBD Doctor Who edition outside your​ ​local comic store. Entries can be submitted via Twitter and must include​ @ComicsTitan

One winner and their local store will be picked after the submission​ ​deadline: Midnight EDT, Saturday May 2 and both will receive a bundle! Please follow @Comicstitan on Twitter as the winner will be contacted​ ​directly via Twitter.

This special edition includes three stunning all-new short stories featuring the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor and the brand-new Twelfth Doctor, written and drawn by the ongoing Doctor Who comics creative teams.

Preview artwork courtesy of Titan Comics

PLUS: A sneak peek of the Top Secret Summer 2015 event! Be the first to get a hint of the epic that will shake the Doctor to his very core! It’s a must-read for fans, and the perfect primer for anyone looking to jump on board the TARDIS!

Doctor Who fans can pick up this Free Comic Book Day edition of Doctor Who comic from your local comic book store. To find your local store visit

  Entertainment Earth

Tom Baker Fourth Doctor audios to air on BBC

Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Tom Baker is returning to the BBC on Saturday nights with the broadcast of his Fourth Doctor audio adventures with companion Leela (as played by original actress Louise Jameson). BBC Radio 4 Extra will air six one hour episodes from Saturday May 16 at 6pm. Check out the details from the BBC below:

Tom Baker returns as The Doctor in a full-cast audio drama. Made for Big Finish Productions in 2012, this is the first time these seven stories will have been heard on radio. The Doctor and Leela respond to an alien distress call beamed direct from Victorian England. It is the beginning of a journey that will take them to the newly built Space Dock Nerva, where a long overdue homecoming occurs.

A homecoming that could bring about the end of the human race.

Nerva first appeared in the 1975 television episode The Ark In Space, which inspired Nicholas Briggs, the writer and director of this episode. This is the first time Tom Baker has played the part of The Doctor since the television series.

These six stories will also see the TARDIS go to a museum of everything, the time of Boudica and London (during a future energy crisis) and conclude with a showdown with some old enemies.

Destination Nerva airs 6pm, Sat May 16 on BBC Radio 4 Extra

Cover art for The Twelfth Doctor novels revealed

BBC Books have released the cover artwork for three upcoming Doctor Who novels featuring The Twelfth Doctor and Clara, as played by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman respectively. The three titles are published in September, click on the images for bigger versions.

Royal Blood By Una McCormack
The Grail is a story, a myth! It didn't exist on your world! It can't exist here!

The city-state of Varuz is failing. Duke Aurelian is the last of his line, his capital is crumbling, and the armies of his enemy, Duke Conrad, are poised beyond the mountains to invade. Aurelian is preparing to gamble everything on one last battle. So when a holy man, The Doctor, comes to Varuz from beyond the mountains, Aurelian asks for his blessing in the war.

But all is not what it seems in Varuz. The city-guard have lasers for swords, and the halls are lit by electric candlelight. Aurelian's beloved wife, Guena, and his most trusted knight , Bernhardt, seem to be plotting to overthrow their Duke, and Clara finds herself drawn into their intrigue...

Will The Doctor stop Aurelian from going to war? Will Clara's involvement in the plot against the Duke he discovered? Why is Conrad's ambassador so nervous? And who are the ancient and weary knights who arrive in Varuz claiming to he on a quest for the Holy Grail...?

An original novel featuring The Twelfth Doctor and Clara, as played by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Big Bang Generation by Gary Russell
I'm an archaeologist, but probably riot the one you were expecting.

Christmas 2015, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Imagine everyone's surprise when a time portal opens up in Sydney Cove. Imagine their shock as a massive pyramid now sits beside the Harbour Bridge, inconveniently blocking Port Jackson and glowing with energy. Imagine their fear as Cyrrus 'the mobster' Globb, Professor Horace Jaanson and an alien assassin called Kik arrive to claim the glowing pyramid. Finally imagine everyone's dismay when they are followed by a bunch of con artists out to spring their greatest grift vet.

This gang consists of Legs (the sexy comedian), Dog Boy (providing protection and firepower), Shortie (handling logistics), Da Trowel (in charge of excavation and history) and their leader, Doc (busy making sure the universe isn't destroyed in an explosion that makes the Big Bang look like a damp squib).

And when someone accidentally reawakens the Ancients of Time - which, Doc reckons, wasn't the wisest or best-judged of actions - things get a whole lot more complicated...

An original novel featuring The Twelfth Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi.

Deep Time By Trevor Baxendale
I do hope you're all ready to be terrified!

The Phaeron disappeared from the universe over a million years ago. They travelled among the stars using roads made from time and space, but left only relics behind. But what actually happened to the Phaeron? Some believe they were they eradicated by a superior force... Others claim they destroyed themselves.

Or were they in fact the victims of an even more hideous fate?

In the far future, humans discover the location of the last Phaeron road - and The Doctor and Clara join the mission to see where the road leads. Each member of the research team knows exactly what they're looking for —but only The Doctor knows exactly what they'll find.

Because only The Doctor knows the true secret of the Phaeron: a monstrous secret so terrible and powerful that it must be buried in the deepest grave imaginable...

An original novel featuring The Twelfth Doctor and Clara, as played by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

All titles are published Sept 10, 2015, hardback priced £6.99

Kate Stewart back for Doctor Who Series 9

In a video released by the BBC, actress Jemma Redgrave (pictured above) has revealed that her character Kate Stewart is back for Doctor Who Series 9, Episodes 7 and 8 - watch it in the player above. As announced previously, Jemma is also starring in the opening episodes, The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar, which features another return - Michelle Gomez as Missy.

Currently no further details about Episodes 7 and 8 are not known. Filming has recently been taking place on Series 9 episodes 5 and 6 (The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived) - watch Rufus Hound talk about his role as Sam Swift HERE.

REVIEW: Death Match

Death Match
by Matt Fitton

Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Out now - buy HERE

Review by Nick Fraser

Orbiting a world covered by acid oceans, the champions of the mega-rich and super-powerful fight to the death on board Quarry Station. Presiding over the deadly game, ensuring compliance with its one and only rule, “kill or be killed”, is The Master. Even in his horrific state of decay, Gallifrey’s Bad Boy has manoeuvred his way into the role of host, schmoozing and charming the galaxy’s bigwigs in his new rotting cowl.

Matt Fitton wastes little time in bringing the two Time Lords head to head, and Death Match is much more entertaining for that. Tom Baker and Geoffrey Beevers are worth the purchase price alone, with both putting in powerful performances, conveying the combat between The Doctor’s moral fury against The Master’s icily disdainful indifference. Rarely passing up the opportunity to reveal the cleverness of his plans to his nemesis before sending him to his expected doom, The Master revels in the absolute belief that, as God-like beings, Time Lords can do what they wish with lesser beings for the simple and rather reason. Because they can.

Having taken control of Quarry Station with its long established fights to the death purely for his own entertainment, The Master reveals a typically elaborate scheme to ensnare The Doctor, for the pleasure of revealing to him the identity of his champion: Leela, Warrior of the Sevateem. And of course, then, the more direct plan to have him killed.

Operating as a sequel to Requiem for the Rocket Men [read our review here], but perfectly capable of being enjoyed as a standalone adventure, Big Finish assemble all of the necessary elements for a very enjoyable audio experience. Fitton subtly drops in just enough information from earlier adventures to introduce Marshall, one time Rocket Man, and his developing relationship with Leela. Louise Jameson reveals a rarely seen facet of the noble savage’s personality, and the depth of the connection between Leela and Marshall. With the stakes raised by The Master activating End Game protocols from which there can be only one survivor, it doesn’t look good for the warrior and her partner.

Some of the shouty fight scenes are a little difficult to follow at times, but the performances of the regular cast and guests are excellent throughout. The smooth bantering between The Master and High Abbess Lady Castrella is a delight, although presumably she’s particularly attracted by the lure of power…

In the end it’s K9 who saves the day, turning the tables on The Master and his new consort. But the Death Match exerts a heavy toll, and Jameson delivers a great performance as Leela struggles to deal with the events that follow. A story that pitches power and greed against loyalty, Death Match provides another fine example of the continuing adventures of The Fourth Doctor, and with Baker and Co. in such fine form, it’s to be hoped that there’s plenty more of such quality material to come. 

Thanks to Big Finish

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Despite no Doctor Who on telly at the moment (boo!), there's still a lot going in the world of Who, included here is a round-up of the stuff you may have missed in March.

Don't forget you can follow Blogtor Who on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news on Doctor Who - follow HERE. Read the March news round~up HERE.

12 episodes confirmed
VIDEO: Rufus Hound read through interview
First pic of Maisie Williams
Explanation of The Twelfth Doctor's appearance coming
Pics of new "monster" HERE and HERE
SPOILERS - casting and story news
Filming pics [Eps 5 & 6]
AUDIO: Maisie Williams interview
Murray Gold writes song for S9
Maisie Williams teases character
VIDEO: Mark Gatiss chats S9 story

Doctor Who Magazine 486
Doctor Who Adventures magazine regenerated
Doctor Who Figurine Collection 44 & 45
Doctor Who Magazine Special: The Art of Doctor Who
Series 8 Soundtrack details
Details on new books with The Twelfth Doctor & Clara
Free Doctor Who ebook
Doctor Who on BitTorrent




Doctor Who Series 9 to have 12 eps

The Twelfth Doctor & Clara, The Glamour Chronicles

A recent press release from BBC Books has confirmed the format and number of episodes for Doctor Who Series 9. It also confirms that this year will have another Christmas Special.

In the BBC Books press release it states that there are 12 "weekly shows" and a Christmas Special in 2015.

This follows the same format as Series 8 in 2014, which also had 12 episodes followed by a one hour festive special. So far the BBC have confirmed the writers of the first half of the series: Steven Moffat, Toby Whithouse, Jamie Mathieson and Catherine Tregenna. We also know that Mark Gatiss has a story coming up too (possibly a two-parter).

Filming is currently taking place on Doctor Who Series 9 on The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived. The period adventures star Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams (see a picture of her on set HERE), Rufus Hound (watch a video of him talking about his role HERE), David Schofield (Merlin), Tom Stourton (Horrible Histories), Ariyon Bakare, Simon Lipkin, Ian Conningham, Murray McArthur, Barnaby Kay, John Voce, and Struan Rodger (who voiced of the Face of Boe in 2006 and 2007).

Last week the BBC revealed new pictures of a "monster" from the story, see them HERE.

Doctor Who returns to television screens in the autumn. 

Doctor Who Magazine 486

Check out the details from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine below and click on the cover art for a bigger version. It's on sale now.

The man who brought Doctor Who back to TV in 2005 returns with an audio adaptation of his very first Doctor Who adventure, the 1996 novel Damaged Goods! Russell tells DWM how the story influenced his reinvention of the TV series...

"It kind of shows the promise that I didn't know was there with Doctor Who," Russell says of his two-decade-old novel. "Because Doctor Who – the 'classic' Doctor Who that I grew up loving – didn't, famously, blow up the world. Invasions and monsters would tend to limit themselves to the gardens of UNIT, or a country house. It's interesting, that sequence in Damaged Goods with the train blowing up, which then led to me destroying the entire city – that kind of liberated me, and then I carried that into Doctor Who. So I was thinking 'Right, you can have a spaceship crash into Big Ben, you can do anything you like...'"


DWM talks to the cast of the new audio of Damaged Goods, including Sylvester McCoy, Yasmin Bannerman, Michelle Collins, Denise Black, Peter Barrett, Daniel Brocklebank, Richard Hope and the script-writer of the adaptation, Jonathan Morris.

Carole Ann Ford reminisces about being The Doctor's very first companion, as she looks through fascinating scrapbooks containing rare and unique clippings that were compiled by the original producer of the series, Verity Lambert. 

DWM reveals the history of how Doctor Who was brought to home video, and talks to the people responsible for the early releases. Plus, never-before-printed information on what the censors thought of the episodes... 

A tribute to the late Barry Newbery, the man who designed many classic Doctor Who stories during the 1960s and 70s. 

Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions, and talks about the casting of Game of Thrones star Masie Williams in Doctor Who.

PLUS! Reviews and previews; Relative Dimensions; Wotcha!; The DWM Crossword, prize-winning competitions, official news and much more!

Doctor Who Magazine 486 is on sale from April 30, price £4.99